Queso Confession: Toro Taco Bar

I confess  that I tried the queso at Toro Taco Bar and I don’t like it. That may be because it is stadium cheese (we asked). They said that this kind of cheese is “back in.” Not for me…even though it has lots of tasty add-ons, the ugly reality of the cheddar liquid base cannot be denied. Granted, I was sober when I was eating it. But even with a few swigs of Bohemia, I just couldn’t enjoy it.

That’s okay, because Toro Taco Bar redeems itself with their Frito Pie, which was ordered by my sister, and their multiple options for guacamole (original; with roasted garlic and chiles; with chorizo). It was too dark to see, but I think the roasted garlic was on top and it tasted much better when we mixed it in. The tostadas served with the guac and queso are delicious! I think if you go to Toro Taco late at night on a weekend when you are super-hungry you will love it…

Toro Taco Bar, 114 Broolyn Avenue, San Antonio



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